Asia-Pacific ranks high for world competitiveness

The Asia-Pacific region performed strongly in the IMD competitive survey this year.  

Of 63 countries surveyed, ten of the top 30 are located in the Asia Pacific.

The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook ranks the competitiveness of nations annually and has been published since 1989. This year’s results benchmark the performance of 63 countries based on more than 340 criteria measuring different facets of competitiveness. ‘Competitiveness’ means the extent to which a country is able to foster an environment where enterprises generate sustainable value.  It indicates how different nations are laying the foundations for their future prosperity.

Top ranking countries 

This year, the USA was pushed out of the top three by SingaporeHong Kong and Switzerland both retained first and second places as the most competitive countries in the world for 2017.  Within the Asia-Pacific, China and Taiwan both increased in competitiveness this year.  Australia, Japan and Korea all rank in the Top 30.

Digital competitiveness rankings

A separate report was also published this year ranking countries for ‘Digital Competitiveness’. It introduced several new criteria to measure countries’ ability to adopt digital technologies and transform government practices, business models and society in general. Singapore tops the list. Asia Pacific countries in the Top 30 include Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Korea.

See the table below ranking countries in the Asia Pacific:

Global competitveness table







Source: IMD website

The survey results demonstrate another good reason to expand to the Asia-Pacific.  Accru has trusted partners in most of these countries.  Please contact the advisor in your country to find out more.